"The Selection of Unique"

Affordable Upscale Earrings and Rings

Making a great first impression is extremely important. It can define how a new friend, coworker, or love interest will think of you.  Let Minnie Belle Jewels, assist you in making that incredible, lasting first impression with our collection of outstanding jewelry.

Gold Earrings Jewelry Set

Elegant Earrings

Minnie Belle Jewels offers sterling silver earrings with 18-karat gold and rose gold overlays. We use gemstones, Russian cubic zirconia, and pearls. Our earring collection has a vast variety of trendy, vintage and classic designs.

Dazzling Rings

Minnie Belle has a unique array of classic, trendy, and cocktail rings to choose from. Our bold and beautiful rings are artfully crafted with luxurious metals, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and baroque pearls.

Multi-Colored Rings

Python Handbag and Gold Chains

Stylish Handbags and Charms

Our stunning collection of handbags uses the only highest quality leather and the most intricate craftsmanship to create stylish upscale and functional designs. We also offer handbag charms that add that touch of “SASSY” to any of our bags.

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